Automotive Industry New Trends for Industrial robot’s market:

  • New technology emerging, Collaborative Robotic, Human-robot working together
  • Robotic systems require continuous quality improvement and more sophisticated high tech
  • New markets for industrial robots will emerge

The automotive industry is well known for its intensive use of the industrial robotic systems, the production lines need to be more flexible, efficient and precise, many enhancements have been made on the production lines to help the workers in their daily tasks.

Phoenix has successfully installed Industrial Control Systems and robotic systems all around the UK, and globally. Some of our clients in the automotive sector are Jaguar, Peugeot, Toyota, Ford, Daimler. To learn how we can help you implement robotics in automotive manufacturing, contact us today for all robotic automation and control system engineering for your automotive industries!

Automotive Industry & Robotic Systems

Reasons for robotic automation:

  • The robotic system can dramatically improve your product quality with high precision and repeatability, this level of consistency can be hard to achieve.
  • Robotic automation can also increase the production levels. Robots can work at the constant speed without taking the breaks or vacations.
  • The industrial robot system increase the workplace safety, the workers are moved to the supervisory roles where they do not have to perform dangerous applications in the hazardous settings.
  • The industrial robots reduce costs (healthcare and the insurance savings).
  • The staff works alongside the robots in handling and assembly the applications in the automotive industry, and the robots are performing the monotonous and sometimes dangerous tasks that the humans do not enjoy.


At Phoenix, we combine automation, industrial control systems, and manufacturing technologies along with 20 years of industry experience to provide our customers with the best automation solutions. Our complete range custom systems allow us to quickly fulfill your automation requirements.

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