Control Panel

Control Panel

It is better to consider the overall cost when trying to get the cheapest price for the control panel. Some of the benefits for a first-class quality panel include production uptime, panels working properly and easy troubleshooting when components fail. Every industry will require a specific panel for the operation of the business.

Most frequent mistakes made by control panel manufacturers:

1. Lack of quality control.
2. Components are not labelled or are mislabelled.
3. Loose wires.
4. Not enough room for wiring.
5. Panel not tested.
6. The drawings may not match.
7. Wires not properly terminated.
8. Lack of or badly done thermal calculations for the control panel

Many are able to build a panel but few are able to build a long lasting high-quality panel. Working from our manufacturing premises in Liverpool, we produce and test all our custom-built panels. We have proven track record in serving the following industries: Aerospace, Marine, Automotive, Food, Environmental, Robotics and others.

Our service includes:

  • Custom-built control panel
  • Control panel for a diverse range of sectors
  • Technical Support
  • Full functional testing of the HVAC control panel
  • 12 months’ warranty

Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems is another type of the control systems that monitor and control services such as HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), ensuring the building operates at maximum levels of efficiency and control your energy usage.

Most manufacturing is investing in new control systems technology to collect data on time to reduce product waste and reduce cost. Control systems also help to resolve problems before it happens. Phoenix Control Systems provide a control panel solutions package.

Control Panel Warranty:

The warranty period starts on the day of final acceptance.

The warranty is for twelve months and covers the replacement of the following parts of the cell:

  • The control panels and all the components inside.
  • The remote Estops
  • The cables between the control panels and the other equipment.
  • The cover is for the parts only.

In the event of any problem with the cell you will need to contact Phoenix Control Systems Ltd. An engineer will then assess over the phone what the problem with the cell is and whether a visit to site is required to fix the problem.

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