Robotic cutting is a robot application for removing any materials to a specific size according to company’s needs. Cutting robots are very precise, accurate and reduce waste materials. A cutting application can also increase production speed while improving the quality of a cut. Some of the materials are fiberglass, composite materials, metal, wood and more.

Rise in competition, demand, and pressure supporting productivity has allowed the integration of robotics for small and big manufacturers.

Industrial robots now have proven-efficiency in applications including robot cutting, painting, welding & soldering, milling, materials handling and processing, assembling & disassembling, and more. Highly articulated robots carry out operations by storing a series of positions in memory, followed by execution of their programming sequence. Vision guidance, also called machine vision provides versatility to robotic cells.

Phoenix, integrates and installs complete Robotic Cutting solutions from initial design and consultation to manufacturing, bespoke in-house software programming, installation, commissioning, training, and technical support.

See our cases studies which demonstrates our manufacturing expertise including, Industrial Control Systems and control panel build manufacturer.

Robot Cutting


We, as a robot integrator, will guide you thorough the automation process. We can carry out a complete installation or if you prefer to carry out some of the work to reduce cost, we will be more than happy to supervise the in-house works.. Our experience within a vast range of different industries will provide expert robot integrator solutions for your company.


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