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Industrial robots often require special robotic equipment to perform certain tasks, for example in the case of a milling application the addition of a spindle, turntable or tool change rack. The spindle attached to the end of the robot arm must be suitably sized for the material to be worked, durable and within the payload limitations of the robot. Selecting the correct equipment for the application to be carried out is always of prime importance when integrating a robot into a particular process.
Therefore, in Partnership with HIGH GAIN TECHNOLOGY LTD, we offer robotic milling equipment such as High Speed Spindles (with or without automatic tool changing), Dust Extraction Systems, Coolant Systems, Turntables and High Speed Tooling accessories including all cables, and tool holders with collets.
There are hundreds of different spindles for all types of applications, the most common applications are:
  • Drilling,
  • Robotic milling,
  • Grinding,
  • Deburring,
  • Deflashing,
  • Fuffing/ Finishing, and Polishing
Spindle Compress
Robot automation

Robotic equipment – Our Partner High Gain Technology

Our Supplier is a leading supplier of high speed machining solutions for international metal cutting industries. High Speed Spindles, Robotic Machining, CNC Rotary Tables and a spindle reconditioning service are just some of the other products we offer. To date over 600 companies have benefited from their innovative approach, cutting edge expertise and exemplary standards of service.
High Gain Technology offers complete robotic machining solutions for a wide range of three dimensional components. Solutions can be offered for composite machining, sculpturing from stone and light aluminium machining for aerospace parts.
Industrial robots with the right equipment will deliver a 60% reduction in the cost of many of their manual production processes while improving margins and productivity.

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We, as a robot integrator, will guide you thorough the automation process. We can carry out a complete installation or if you prefer to carry out some of the work to reduce cost, we will be more than happy to supervise the in-house works.. Our experience within a vast range of different industries will provide expert robot integrator solutions for your company.

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