Robot Maintenance

Robot Maintenance

Robot Maintenance is an important factor whether you are thinking to buy an industrial robot or you already have the robot(s), you require an expert to deal with any the robot manufacturers and robot maintenance or robot repair in your company. Remember that the robot manufacturers have their own control systems and their own drive systems.

Robot life can easily be extended with a proper robot maintenance. An Industrial robot is like any other machine, it requires a proper robot maintenance to avoid any breakdown that will result in lost for your company.

Three most common Maintenance Issues

It is important to consider the three most common robot maintenance issues:

  • Robot Programming language and operating software vary from robot manufacturers. If you choose a maintenance company to make sure they had dealt with any robot manufacturers.
  • A programmable logic controller (PLC) is adapted for the control of manufacturing processes, it means a reliable technician should be able to deal with any problems related to the robot communications interface.
  • Reprogram robots after maintenance of the arm or the replacement of any parts on the arm. Teaching the zero positions or points of the robot require a reliable technician.

Industrial robots are very reliable, but you have to deal with robot breakdown issues at some points. Phoenix will provide a maintenance solution.

We offer maintenance solutions in multiple areas that help you achieve your desired results. We delivers solutions to maximize your automation process outcome with our engineering services. Contact us today:+44 (0) 7581 307823.

What include our Robot Maintenance?

An Automation specialist can visit your site for a scheduled visit to assist on the following:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Preventive maintenance services
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Software and hardware upgrades
  • Set-up and installation support
  • Programming
  • Robot application support
  • Robot redeployment
  • Spare parts supports
  • Training
  • Mechanical repairs
  • IT Supports

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