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Robotic Milling

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  • Customer: Dfab Studio Malta
  • Website:
  • Category: All, Robotic Milling
  • Skill: Design and Build concept
  • Date post: November 10, 2016

Robotic Milling Case Studies

Case Study of a company based in Malta, the client was searching for an economical robot milling solution and opted for a KRC2 Edition 5 KR210 robot. They were also looking for the Turntable, Tool Rack, Spindle, Inverter, pneumatic valves and piping for the installation pre-installed on the robot.

Robot Milling Introduction:

The client was a company based in Malta branching out into providing milling services for local and international customers. They were searching for an economical robot milling solution, Phoenix provided the following services:

Robot Milling application – Installation, Commissioning, Programming and Training: Phoenix offers a complete range of control system engineering services, the robot installation, training and customer support before and after the installation. See the list of the tasks performed:

  • The electrical installation of the robot and turntable
  • Spindle – the electrical installation from the spindle, through the robot and to the control panel
  • The electrical installation and cabling of the cell control panel for robot (put in place and connection of the cables from the control panel to the main incoming supply, from the control panel to the door locks).
  • The commissioning of the robot (mastering, turntable root point and offset, floor defined working base data, and spindle tool definition).
  • The programming of the auto tool changer sequences.
  • The configuration and testing for automatic operation with the cell control push buttons.
  • The offline programming of a trial piece for each robot milling and the turntable
  • A four day basic programming and setup course.
  • Ongoing customer support following the commissioning.

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