Robot Programming CAD/CAM Software

Robot Programming CAD/CAM Software

Robot Programming Software – Robotmaster v6

Robot programming CAD/CAM software, Robotmaster software seamlessly integrates robot programming simulation while delivering quicker robot programming. Create simple or complex robot trajectories accurately without teaching points. The programming of the robot trajectory is done graphically using the same process and tools used for CNC machines, by selecting geometry (lines, arcs, part edges and/or 3D part). Once the geometry is selected, parameter boxes guide the user in making the proper selection of process information.

Robotmaster eliminates adjustments and increases program accuracy by calibrating the physical part and tool setup with the virtual CAD model. Choose from FANUC, ABB, MOTOMAN, KUKA, STAUBLI and more.

RISE - Robotmaster Interactive Simulation Environment

Robotmaster delivers easy robotic programming of precise tool motion control and quick generation of long tool path trajectories with minimal programmer intervention.

Robotmaster uses mature CAD/CAM software technologies for robotic programming with the same flexibility and speed as software used for programming CNC machine tools. Conventional off-line robot software programming solutions are based on either a very cumbersome and tedious point to point programming approach or a post-processor solution that offers very little flexibility and functionality. Robotmaster’s delivery:

  • Cost-efficiency and flexibility of robots coupled with the ease of programming
  • Solving robot programming challenges
  • Programming of robots from CAD/CAM software as easy as CNC machine programming
  • A sure way to beat the competition -worldwide- on cost, flexibility and response time
  • Robotmaster generates programs off-line and eliminates lost production time during programming
  • Robotmaster creates simple or complex robot trajectories accurately without teaching points

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