Robot Trimming

Robot Trimming

Project Details

  • Customer: Air Design, S.A. De C.V.
  • Category: All, Robot Trimming
  • Skill: With its origins in the UK manufacture of printed circuit boards for more than forty years
  • Date post: November 29, 2016

Robot Trimming Application


The client Air Design is a Mexican company who design, develop and produce original accessory parts and vehicle personalization solutions. They were searching for an economical trimming solution and opted for a Kuka used robot to carry out one of the robot applications. Phoenix Control supplied the end of arm tooling and its components and pre-installed on the robot.

The Cell Consists of:

  • KR210 Kuka Robot
  • KRC2 Edition 5 Controller with Windows XP and KSS 5.4.14
  • Spindle and Inverter
  • Parts presentation turntable (Client)
  • Spindle supplied our provider
  • Invertek Inverter supplied by our provider
  • Cell Electrical Control Panel (Designed by Phoenix)
  • Offline programming using KUKA| prc (Client supply)

Industrial Elecrical Installation for robot trimming:

The robot was commissioned in the UK with its spindle and inverter before being shipped to Mexico for installation. and the mechanical part of the install (Robot, Cell and Turntable) was carried out prior to our arrival on site.

The electrical install was undertaken by client’s personnel under our supervision. The turntable and jigs were conceived by Air Design’s own team and Phoenix provided the electrical and software expertise.

Commissioning, Programming and Training:

  • The electrical cabling of the spindle
  • The commissioning of the robot (mastering, floor defined working base data, and spindle tool definition).
  • The programming of the turntable sequences.
  • The configuration and testing of the SPS.SUB for automatic operation with the cell control push buttons and manual control of the turntable along with it’s diagnosics.
  • The offline programming of a trial piece for each robot and the turntable (in conjunction with KUKAprc)
  • Basic programming and cell operation training
  • Ongoing customer support following the commissioning.

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