Robotic Material Handling Case

Robotic Material Handling Case

Project Details

  • Customer: The company is a specialist induction heat treatment facility
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  • Category: All, Robotic Material Handling Case
  • Skill: Precision Heat Treatment for Precision Engineers
  • Date post: November 10, 2016

Robotic Material Handling Case

Brief: The client is a company based in New Mills providing the service to a large range of companies since 1970. They were searching for an economical solution to manipulate the induction heat treatment head around a complicated shaped part and for this reason opted for a Kuka robot KRC1 KR200 robot from Global Robots Ltd.

Robotic material handling Case Scope consisted of:

  • KR200 Robot
  • KRC1 Controller with Windows 95 and KSS 4.4.14
  • Clients own tooling
  • Phoenix Controls Electrical Panel (with Cycle Start, Cycle Stop, Drives On and Reset PB)
  • Mechanical Installation of the robot (by the client)
  • Robot Electrical Installation (by by the client)
  • Robot Commissioning

The company purchased the robot directly from provider and carried out the mechanical installation. Phoenix carried out the initial electrical design studies for the cell control panel and the commissioning of the robotic material handling itself.

Control Panel: The cell control panel contains all the circuit breakers, safety relays and safety circuits along with the associated wiring.

Installation and Commissioning:

  • The electrical connection of the cell control panel (put in place and connection of the cables from the control panel to the robot).
  • The commissioning of the robot (mastering and testing).
  • The configuration and testing of the SPS.SUB for automatic operation with the cell control push buttons.
  • Ongoing customer support following the commissioning.

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