Today’s modern technology anything we want to weld, we will be able to do by adopting modern process such as robot welding, robot welding integration means welding that is performed and controlled by robotic equipment.The decision to adopt robotic welding systems is getting easier every day because the lack of skilled welders available to fulfil the requirements of large and small shops.

Robotic welding helps companies gain a competitive advantage over those companies that have not made the transition to welding automation. Robot welding is becoming increasingly attractive for job shops and contract manufacturers because experienced welders can oversee the productivity of more than one robotic welder at a time.

There are some key considerations to make before adding a robotic welding system in your company. It is important to ensure that the parts to be welded are appropriate to an automated welding process, selecting the right system, physical space and training welding operators properly are just a few factors that can help companies gain the best efficiencies and the best of the return on investment.

Robotic Systems

Benefits of robotic welding systems

  • 1. Robotic welding allows increased production. Parts move through the system more quickly and routines set for the robotic welder.
  • 2. Robotic welding systems offer consistency and repeatability of the weld.Significant improvements in productivity and finished part quality
  • 3. Robot welding place the same quality welds in the same spots, with minimal human error.
  • 4. Lower production costs by reducing labour requirements. You can have a good welder supervising the work of several automated cells instead having to find and train a lot of welders for the job.
  • 5. Robotic welding reduced the overall cost of the product. Filler material and weld wire are used more economically and less wastefully.
  • 6. Consistent cycle times, no break in production, and very precise allowing for less weld spatteringand less post-weld clean-up
  • 7. Robotic welding systems can tolerate much hasher work environments and they can operate at higher amperages.

Phoenix, integrates and installs complete Robotic welding solutions from initial design and consultation to manufacture, bespoke in-house software programming, installation, commissioning, training, and technical support.

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