New Robot Automation

Implementing New Robot is the best way to automate production lines and fast return of investment. Adopting  industrial automation plan is a first step towards cost reduction and more efficient production.

We can provide a total turnkey solution to our clients, integrating automation, engineering and full-service solutions. Because we have access to all engineering and system integration services under one roof, results in a more efficient project approach and execution.

Robotic Automation Systems

Manufacturers are facing challenges from many fronts such as changing customer expectations, accelerated production cycles, strict standards, and rising material costs. They need to implement new technologies, this new technology simply represents more things to integrate — the very basis of what Robot Integrator is all about.

All industrial robots are tested on our premises in the UK to avoid any delay in the installation. It’s important for operations to choose the best technology that best fits their current and future needs for your robotic automation.

new robot integration
new robot

Robot Integrator – Installation & Commissiong

Our project manager will carefully plan and schedule the complete process from start to finish to manage all the details and carry out quality checks throughout the different phases of the project, liaising at each stage and keeping you informed.

We can arrange a meeting at your premises to discuss your project and help to scope your objectives. See more on Industrial Automation Post

Things to consider when investing in Industrial Robots:

  • The robot with or without turntable or rail.
  • The mechanical and electrical installation and testing of the:
    • Robot and it’s commissioning
    • The cell control panel systems
    • The fixtures and part transfer systems
    • Guarding and safety systems
    • End of arm tooling and their control system
  • Industrial Control panel with or without PLC and HMI.
  • A work piece fixtures and equipment for entering and supporting the parts and exiting the finished parts on the operations.
  • The cell guarding and operator access.
  • The tool path programming for the robot operations.
  • Robot Training
  • Periodic maintenance
Robot automation


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