Robotic Material Handling solutions eliminate the need for manual labour to perform different tasks such as moving, sorting, optimising among others. Robots are very useful for material handling solutions and they can assist in improving business process efficiency at low operational cost.

Material Handling application

Some of the applications that are considered material handling are palletising, packing, loading and unloading, part transferring or machine feeding.

Elements to consider on Robot material handling operations

  • Floor space or facility layout
  • Payload
  • Speed
  • End-of-arm tooling
  • Grippers
  • Type of material handled

Industrial robots make a perfect partner for any kind of kind of  robot application. Some applications needs more design and they could be more complex than others, but you will keep competitive.

Industrial Robots Advantages

Some of advantages of robotic are: less congestion, timely delivery and reduced time of machines due to non-accumulation of materials at storage area.

In addition, safe handling of materials is important because it reduces loss, wastage, breakage, and scrap.

Steps to success

The first step towards implementing robotic solutions is to understand why you need to automate a specific process and how to achieve your objectives.

The second step to consult a  system integrator that will guide you to customise the existent or new robotic system to maximise the investment and to get a quick return on investment.

training, and technical support.

Robotic Material Handling

Phoenix, integrates and installs complete Robotic Material Handling solutions from initial design and consultation to manufacturing, bespoke in-house software programming, installation, commissioning,


We will guide you thorough the automation process. We can carry out a complete installation or if you prefer to carry out some of the work to reduce cost, we will be more than happy to supervise the in-house works.. Our experience within a vast range of different industries will provide expert robot integrator solutions for your company.


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